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Hamsh ScottWe are a boutique law firm that provides a broad range of commercial, property and estate planning legal services to people and businesses all over Australia, helping them to reach their goals and achieve peace of mind.

Our firm is headed by the founding Director, Hamish Scott, who is extremely knowledgeable, innovative, imaginative, easy-going and understanding, yet always solutions focused.

Our vision is to build strong, long lasting relationships of trust and confidence with our clients and their advisers, our peers, associates and key referrers and provide impeccable legal advice and representation based on a comprehensive focus on the needs of our clients.

What makes us unique from other law firms:

  • we work hard to understand our client’s industries and aim to become trusted business advisers, so that we are involved in the early stages of developing transactions rather than being brought in later to document agreed deals (and sometimes when it’s too late)
  • we’re mobile meaning we can come to you
  • we’re flexible and work with your schedule including after business hours
  • our firm is built on integrity and strong personal relationships with our clients – client satisfaction is our ultimate goal
  • we provide excellent results for a fixed price or a clear price structure upfront
  • we speak to you in plain, jargon-free language which is delivered in a manner that you can understand
  • we begin with the end in mind by focusing on outcomes and results and then devising an effective strategy to help you get there
  • we provide timely legal advice that meets your expectations in terms of cost and the timeframes in which it is provided
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