Hamish Scott

Hamish Scott“Wisdom is the reward you get from a lifetime of listening when you would rather have talked”. Mark Twain

Hamish combines practicality, understanding and attention to detail in his professional work style. Preferring a hands-on approach, he’s a flexible and versatile individual, effective at managing and communicating in different situations to a range of different clients and third parties. His willingness to try new ideas and step outside of his comfort zone, exploring areas that others are reluctant to gain expertise in, have helped Hamish tremendously in his profession.

Hamish’s strengths are reflected in the extensive scope of engagements he carried out within his Commercial Law career. Hamish is a regular speaker to a number of organisations including the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, University of Western Australia, Legalwise Seminars (training other lawyers) and the Institute of Public Accountants.

With his diverse range of skills, developed from servicing clients across a broad array of industries from small business to large corporates, Hamish delivers current commercial advice to his clients with the ability to deconstruct complex issues in a manner his clients understand. His teaching background also allows him to translate complex legal concepts into language that his clients can relate to.

As the Commercial Law Director of Everest Legal, Hamish specialises in providing advice to individuals and a range of entities. A key area of Hamish’s expertise is in ensuring that clients clearly understand their rights and obligations in transactions and how to improve their chances of a positive outcome when disputes arise. He is results driven and service focused.

Hamish is passionate about being at the cutting edge of service excellence by leveraging the latest legal technology. He understands a key benefit of using cloud computing is that it allows collaboration with clients in producing documentation and advice which clients understand, are invested in and can use to their greatest benefit within their business or personal affairs.

Down to earth, approachable and resourceful Hamish is a results-orientated individual with the ability to gather the relevant information from clients and to uncover and understand an issue’s underlying cause in order to implement a solution for all clients across a wide range of industries.

Industries in which Hamish has experience include Oil and Gas, Mining and Resources, Energy and Electricity, Information Technology, Horticulture, Franchising and Engineering. He was involved in drafting sections of the New Zealand Electricity Regulations.

In his spare time, Hamish enjoys surfing (short and long boards), fishing, reading crime novels and child wrangling. He is married with two children and a rabbit.

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